My first classroom was given to me right out of graduate school as a one-year temporary assignment, perfect for a young professional. Before I entered my next classroom, I had a kid and was almost 10 years older, where I spent a large part of my career until I moved into higher education.

Now, with all of these life experiences behind me, I’m entering the classroom for the third time: in the middle of a pandemic, at a middle school, teaching science.

I’ve learned so much through the years as a teacher, parent, instructor, advisor, and mentor. This is where I share my experience with you.


Classroom Management

Whether you are a first year teacher or a seasoned veteran of the classroom, classroom management is something that we all need to think about each year. Find some activities and tips about how to improve the learning in your classroom through community building.

Professional Development

As a professional, are you looking for ways to increase your knowledge of the classroom and improve your teaching? Then take a look at the resources in professional development and make your classroom even better.

Lesson Plans

As an experienced teacher, I would love to share my lesson plans with you.  Find plans here for middle school and high school math, science, and engineering.


Need help studying for licensing exams? Want to put together an entire curriculum for your class?  Contact me about setting up a consultation.


Sample Resources

Preparing your room

Working with Uptempo was awesome – we knew that they would offer us a very strong framework and that it would be handled in a very organized and professional way. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Building Community

Our production had been ramped up to full time, but the profits just weren’t there. Uptempo showed us an amazing number of areas we could cut our overhead, from more efficient parts layout and energy-efficient lighting to recycling waste and more effective work flow.

Suggested Reading

We knew we had a great product, but we didn’t know how to take the business to the next level. The comprehensive Dynamic Growth program worked with us every step of the way so we could grow our company quickly.